Corinna’s Inspiration for Voyageur Bohème

How it all began…

Scientists recently found a “Wanderlust-Gene”, people with this gene supposedly have a predisposition to be passionate travelers. I’m pretty sure I’ve inherited this gene. Both my parents are passionate life-long travelers and they took me on my first trip when I was only a few months old.

Some of my best memories are from our summer vacations on a sailboat in Croatia. I spent my days in the ocean, eating local food, watching wild dolphins swim alongside the boat, and exploring uninhabited islands. At night I gazed up at the stars while sleeping on deck in a sleeping bag.

Another passion of mine greatly influenced by my parents is photography. I received my first camera for my sixth birthday and I must have taken a million photos since then – mostly documenting my travels.

When traveling, it is always important to me to experience the authentic culture, meet locals and learn more about the place I’m visiting.

Exploring by myself or with friends, while I love to plan, I realized that getting lost is sometimes the best thing that can happen and as in life, the journey is the destination.

Particularly when traveling alone, you also learn a lot about yourself and it can almost be a spiritual experience. What seemed different and strange at first, turns into oneness and appreciation.

Travel is like an addiction, once you’ve seen a place that is so awe-inspiring you’re jumping for joy, been struck by the most vivid colors you could imagine, there’s no way back. There is always a place you haven’t seen, an activity you haven’t done, or a dish not tasted yet.

While I’m very grateful for all the places I’ve been to already, I’m also exceedingly excited about what’s to come in the future.