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We are in the business of making dreams come true

The possibilities are endless to create memorable experiences

It is the priority for Voyageur Bohème to design a completely personalized itinerary. This is why it is so important to us to personally get to know you and learn about all the things you love to do, eat, see, etc., and dream about.
We’ve created a short travel design form as a starting point and then you can schedule the free consultation call.

Covid-19 has changed how most people think of travel

There is now a clear emphasis on safety, security, personal service, and quality rather than quantity. At Voyageur Bohème, we’ve never believed in mass-tourism and a real immersive cultural experience is only possible in a more intimate setting. If interested, we match you with a personal guide, choose smaller boutique hotels, private transfers and make reservations for you ahead of time to avoid crowds. Maybe enjoy a private catered picnic instead of a full restaurant or visiting the Vatican Museum after hours? Never hesitate to ask us, if there is something you have always dreamt of doing!

How can you benefit from working with us?

So, you would like to go on vacation

Your current choices are:
a) a standard package vacation deal that doesn’t fit your personality or style, only offers the basics (hotel + flight) and isn’t the best value for the price, or
b) spending long hours researching accommodations, flights, and transport to then book it all online after comparing prices on countless platforms, hoping you made a good deal. 


No, here is option c) Voyageur Bohème. Forget everything you know about travel agencies. We are offering completely  personalized travel experiences, which can include any activities and extras you can dream of adding to the best value flights, private transportation, etc., and boutique accommo-dations that match your style. All with the objective to be as sustainable as possible. Moreover, our package offers complete security, for yourself and your money, under EU travel law. Are you ready for your ultimate dream vacation?

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Our Process

Our process and pricing is always transparent and we work in close cooperation with you


Fill out our travel design form and schedule a free consultation. Let’s get to know each other and discover what your dream vacation could look like.


After the consultation, our travel designer will create the initial custom proposal for you. We’ll check in with you to see if we are on the right track.


Second consultation call to discuss the Initial custom proposal, agree on all the details and then you decide, if you’d like to work with us.


Our travel designer creates a detailed travel plan  and timeline as well as prepares the quote.


Now we will book all accommodations, transfer, flights, activities, and make reservations. You’ll then receive your finalized custom travel plan.


Bon voyage – It’s time for your dream vacation! We are available if you have any questions or need support.

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Our Prices

By now, you’re probably wondering how much this VIP service cost

Well, it depends. It depends on the duration of your trip, how planning Intensive it is as well as how far in advance you book.

For the initial custom proposal, we charge 49,00 Euro / US $55.00 and it’s non-refundable. 
However, once you book our Travel Design Service, this charge is deducted from the overall amount of the Travel Design fee.

On average, we charge 30,00 Euro / US $35 per day as a Travel Design fee. Of course, the actual travel expenses e.g. flights are charged separately.

We are also offering an “à la carte travel service”. This means, we can assist you with e.g. single bookings of flights or hotels. Of course, no travel design fee is charged, only a small service fee for our work. 

What is included in our travel design service