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Your dream vacation - 100% personalized

Every traveler is unique – and so is every custom itinerary we design.
Our travel designers are all expert travelers and will work closely with you
to create your dream vacation, where every moment is memorable.

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Creating the most memorable experiences

We are redefining travel. Not only what it is, but what it can do for you, what it can look like, and what it can do for the world.

Travelers don’t need more choices — they need more curation. This is why we started Voyageur Bohème.

We are bridging the gap between large online booking platforms and traditional travel agencies by offering expert consultations, bespoke travel planning, and the best price for value as an independent Boutique Travel Design Agency.

We are cooperating with exceptional local partners to guarantee the highest level of quality, an authentic experience, and outstanding service. We also place great importance on sustainability and plan all our itineraries with it in mind.

Are you ready for a trip of a lifetime?

Discover how we can help to make it a reality – it’s easier than you think!

Planning a trip can be very time-consuming and tiresome, not everybody enjoys endless research and dealing with frustrating booking sites. Another option is working with a travel agent, unfortunately, most of the time, they can only sell standardized packages from specific tour operators.

This is where Voyageur Bohème can help, we take care of all the research, planning, booking and then deliver a well-thought-through and 100% unique travel itinerary based on your wishes.

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The sky is the limit! During our free consultation call, we’ll discover what your dream trip would look like and what we can do for you.

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Then, we’ll get to work and design your bespoke itinerary. We are expert travel planners and excel in finding all the hidden gems for you.

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While we already include extraordinary experiences, activities, and extras in your itinerary, we do offer concierge service for last-minute wishes.

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Let us do all the work, and just show up on time for your flight. Our customer service doesn’t stop when you book, we are here to support you throughout your trip as well.

Hi there!

I’m Corinna Horn, founder of Voyageur Bohème

We would love to plan the trip you always wanted to take or help you in deciding where to go next!

You can be sure your itinerary will be designed with as much care as if it would be our own trip. For this, we would like to learn more about you to really understand what is important to you, your preferences, taste, and anything else that makes you you. 

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We’ve adjusted our services to the current times

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